What Do I Need To Know Before Choosing A Fireplace For My Home

While many people agree that a roaring fire on a cold day helps make a house a home, choosing from today’s myriad of fireplace options can be confusing, especially when trying to balance aesthetics with efficiency. From style to fuel type and heating needs to installation restrictions, there is a fireplace, stove or insert that […]

Built-in Braai Installation

These pictures show the installation of a built-in braai and adjacent counter top.

Thatch Roofs and Open Fireplaces

Early in June 2013, the reception area of the popular Misty Hills Hotel was badly damaged when the thatch roof caught fire. According to a report on the LookLocal website, “The routine lighting of a cosy fire in the fireplace in the Misty Hills Hotel reception area on a chilly winter morning left a path […]

Why Choose A Closed-Combustion Fireplace?

Closed-combustion fireplaces are extremely efficient. A traditional open fire converts around 20% of its fuel into usable heat. The balance turns into ash, smoke and hot air which escapes through the chimney. A closed-system fireplace is designed to minimize the loss of heat, and to burn as much of the fuel as possible. Closed-combustion fireplaces […]

Choosing the right fireplace for your home

With winter approaching, it’s time to make sure that your fireplace is ready for the cold weather. If you are used to living with a fireplace, it’s hard to imagine how you would cope without one. Fireplaces have a long history, and have evolved over the years. For centuries, the traditional open wood fireplace was […]

Read This Before Buying A Fireplace

Are you no longer able to resist the allure of a warm, glowing fire? Is a fireplace something you can no longer do without? Choosing the right fireplace for your home and your budget is not too difficult.Here are a few aspects you should be thinking about. Are you adding a fireplace to an existing […]

Chad-O-Chef 5 Burner Sizzler Gas Grill

Gas Grill Buying Tips For Braai Enthusiasts

Gas grills are becoming a popular choice among braai enthusiasts. One of the major reasons is that, unlike charcoal braais, gas grills are relatively easy to clean. Additionally, gas grills tend to be involved in fewer accidents. A gas grill can be ready to braai in ten minutes. Here are some considerations for anyone planning […]

Wood Burning Fireplaces Johannesburg

The Fireplace Shoppe sells and installs closed-system wood burning fireplaces from a number of manufacturers, including Canature, ACR, Rocal, Sentinel and Franco Belge. Closed-system fireplaces are highly efficient – in other words, the fuel is converted to heat with minimal losses or smoke emissions. There are basically two kinds of wood burning fireplace – open, […]

Comparative Fuel Costs For Domestic Dwellings

Fireplace units using different fuel types have very different heat outputs. Operating costs of fireplace units should be compared taking account of heat outputs, fuel costs per hour and fuel costs per kWh. The tables below compare typical units using different fuel types in terms of the above measures. The costs are based on current […]

Wood Is An Environmental Friendly And Renewable Fuel

The choice of putting another log on the fire or turning up the central heating a couple of degrees has a significant impact on the environment far beyond just keeping us warm. Wood as a fuel is environmentally friendly as wood consumes more carbon dioxide whilst growing than it emits during burning. It is also […]

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