ACR Earlswood Wood Burning Fireplace

ACR Earslwood

The new multifuel Earlswood stove has all the wonderful, cosy atmosphere of a traditional open fireplace with all the added control and efficiency inherent in closed combustion stoves.
Large glass window for a relaxing view of the flames.
Powerful airwash system to keep the glass window free of deposits.
High quality steel and cast iron construction for strength and efficient heat transfer.
Earlswood has over 25 years experience in designing stoves to the highest standards.
5 Year Warranty

Model: 5Kw Multifuel

Output: 5Kw
Heating Capacity: 50m2 / 180m3
Colour: Matt Black
Dimensions: 480mm wide, 525mm high and 355mm deep
Flue Size: 130mm
Flue Outlet: Top or back


ACR Wood Burning Fireplaces

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