Wood Burning Fireplaces Johannesburg

The Fireplace Shoppe sells and installs closed-system wood burning fireplaces from a number of manufacturers, including Canature, ACR, Rocal, Wanders, Sentinel, Franco Belge and Godin.

Closed-system fireplaces are highly efficient – in other words, the fuel is converted to heat with minimal losses or smoke emissions.

There are basically two kinds of wood burning fireplace – open, or open hearth, fireplaces, and closed (or closed combustion) fireplaces.

Open fireplaces have many disadvantages. If the draught up the chimney is insufficient, smoke can be sucked into the room. From a safety standpoint, a fire screen is essential to prevent sparks from flying into the room.

Closed combustion fireplaces solve these problems. Since the fire is completely enclosed, there is nowhere for the smoke to go except up the chimney. There is no risk of sparks flying into the room once the fireplace door is closed.

Closed combustion wood burning fireplaces burn their fuel much more efficiently than open fireplaces, with minimal emissions up the chimney. This makes them much more environmentally friendly as well.

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