Choosing A Braai

What kind of braai would suit you?

    The answers to the following short list of questions will help us to recommend a braai unit best suited to your needs.

    How many people do you normally entertain at a braai?
    4 or fewer5-89-12More than 12

    Do you have a preference for fuel type, e.g. wood/charcoal or gas?
    No preferenceWood/CharcoalGas

    Do you have an existing braai and chimney?

    Do you have space limitations, e.g. a small verandah or balcony, which is not big enough for a built-in braai with chimney?

    Do you have a preference for a stand-alone unit fixed in position, a portable unit or a built-in unit?
    If you have an existing built-in braai which is to be replaced by a new unit, the answer is more than likely that the new unit is to be built-in. Unless you have space limitations, the answer will be your personal preference.

    Stand-alone unit fixed in positionPortable unitBuilt-in unit

    If you prefer a gas unit, is there a likely nearby location for your gas bottle?
    Not applicable - I don't want gasYesNot sure – I need the proposed location to be inspected for compliance with regulations

    If you don’t have a chimney, do you need permission to install one?
    For example, you may need permission from a body corporate.
    Not applicable – I want a portable unit without chimneyYesNo

    We will do our very best to identify a unit best suited to your needs.

    Please note that we can’t quote for installation without a site inspection. One of our consultants will contact you by phone in the next 24-48 hours to arrange a date and time for a site inspection.

    There is no charge for site inspections within a 50 km radius of our shop in Randburg. Quotations are free.

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