What Do I Need To Know Before Choosing A Fireplace For My Home

While many people agree that a roaring fire on a cold day helps make a house a home, choosing from today’s myriad of fireplace options can be confusing, especially when trying to balance aesthetics with efficiency.

From style to fuel type and heating needs to installation restrictions, there is a fireplace, stove or insert that is right for you and your house.

Traditional fireplaces provide the ambiance of a roaring fire, but send most of their heat and all of the combustion by-products up the chimney.

Today’s consumers not only demand ambiance, but also want to capture the heat while reducing the environmental impact.

Manufacturers have responded with attractive fireplaces, stoves and other options that warm the living areas of your home while saving you money on your heating bill.

Enjoying a fire can be as simple as pushing a button or as engaging as cutting your own wood, building and tending a fire.

Every year, heating product manufacturers offer more products in sizes, styles and colours to match your home décor with features to enhance your enjoyment.

The Fireplace Shoppe can help determine the best product based on climate, lifestyle and your home’s layout.

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