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What kind of fireplace would suit you?

The answers to this short list of questions will help us to recommend a fireplace best suited to your needs.

    Gas units generally have smaller heat capacities, while larger wood and solid fuel units are capable of heating much bigger volumes.
    If you have an existing built-in fireplace which is to be replaced by a new unit, the answer is more than likely that the new unit is to be built-in. Otherwise the answer is likely to be based on the effect you wish to create in your room.
  • Please note that we can’t quote for installation without a site inspection. One of our consultants will contact you by phone in the next 24-48 hours to arrange a date and time for a site inspection.

    There is no charge for site inspections within a 50 km radius of our shop in Randburg. Quotations are free.

  • Please enter your city and suburb. We are unable to supply or install fireplaces outside Gauteng.
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