We specialize in a wide range of fireplace surrounds in natural stone.

The style of surround is often dictated by layout considerations:-

The size of the fireplace itself must be considered, bearing in mind that, for best visual effect, the surround must be in proportion to the fireplace. Surrounds are manufactured to suit the size of fireplace.

The type of fireplace must be considered as some fireplaces, especially closed system fires, generate more heat than others. For example, a mantle on the surround is a necessity if a flat TV screen is to be installed above the fireplace.

Where a chimney breast exists, the width of the breast may limit the width of the mantle of the surround.

Proximity of doors, windows and other fixtures needs to be considered.
The height of the fireplace above the finished floor must be checked if a hearth (horizontal base) is required.

The Fireplace Shoppe is able and happy to assist with choice of material and style for surrounds.

Surrounds are installed after installation of fireplaces and after completion of wall and floor finishes. Installations of surrounds are carried out in Gauteng. Most surrounds can be crated for delivery to other areas and installation by others.

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 Natural Stone Surrounds – Range A

Standard styles include: Flat Victorian, Art & Crafts, Stepped, Box, Panelled, Regency, Corbel & Shell and Burlington.

Most styles can be manufactured from a range of natural stone, including Botticino Classico, Crème Marfil, Perlato Olimpo, Travertine and Bianco Carrara, Sandstone, Portuguese limestone, Biege & Fantasy, Marron Empredor, Rojo Alicante and Nero Marquene.

Please check with us in making a selection: for example the Corbel & Shell style is only offered in Sandstone.

The hearth (horizontal base) is fabricated from the same stone as the surround and is a solid slab.

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