Indicative fireplace prices as at 15th January 2016

The following listing includes models which are currently popular.

Prices from suppliers change regularly, often without prior notice and generally owing to exchange rate fluctuations. Please confirm prices before ordering.

Prices include VAT.

Wood-burning closed system units

Top Castings TST050R14 950
Canature Taurus 9kW single-sided insert with frameR19 200
Canature Taurus 13kW double-sided insert with frameR27 995
Canature Taurus 13kW free-standing plus log holder (single-sided)R23 500
Canature Deco Mini free-standing (single-sided)R15 200
Franco Belge Savoy Mk2R19 194
Godin RegenceR14 495
Godin Le FontemontR20 995
Godin Le FontevalR17 965
Godin EcoR26 995

Average price for installation of a free-standing unit (including flues and cowl) in a single-storey home (flue straight up through the roof) is around R9 500.

Gas fireplaces

Chad-O-Glo Classic FireplaceR18 500
Chad-O-Glo Picture FireplaceR14 700

Prices for installation of gas fireplaces can only be established after site inspection.

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