The Fireplace Shoppe – by , 27th June 2013
“Thanks very much, Sakkie is a great guy and is of great value to the business.”
The Fireplace Shoppe – by , 11th June 2013
“Absolutely awesome installation, very neat & tidy, very informative”
The Fireplace Shoppe – by , 2nd June 2013
“Sakkie van Wyk is extremely competent and a pleasure to deal with. He ensured that the installation was a pleasant and pain-free experience.”

Testimonial from Mrs Preston

The Fireplace Shoppe – by , 19th July 2012
“We are very happy with the professional way this job was carried out.”

Testimonial from T Everett

The Fireplace Shoppe – by , 31st March 2012
“Excellent workmanship – very clean and tidy. Will recommend to friends.”

Testimonial from L Polders

The Fireplace Shoppe – by ,31st January 2012
“Great job! Very neat work!”

Testimonial from J. Synington

25th January 2012: “Job completed. Contractor provided efficient and friendly service. Looks like good work was done.” – J. Synington


Testimonial from Mr Y Moodley

21st January 2012: “Work was done quickly, efficiently with a minimum of fuss and bother. Will easily recommend Sakkie for future jobs. Excellent Service!” – Y.M. Moodley


Testimonial from N Boraine

7th September 2011: “Thank you so much – Fantastic Installation!” – Mr N. Boraine

Testimonial from Mrs Welton/Graeme

23rd July 2011: “Very neat and tidy installation – Clean Workmanship – Thank you” – Graeme


From: Steyn, Thinus
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 12:39 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Installation of multi-fuel fire place

Good morning Chris,

We just want to thank your company “The Fireplace Shoppe” for the installation of a Worcester multi-fuel fireplace; we are so pleased with the heat output, much more than what we were expecting from the equipment. Furthermore, we would like to take the opportunity to convey our appreciation to the field technician Sakkie van Wyk and his team; they have done a remarkable job in just half a day, whilst maintaining a high level of workmanship.

Thanks and regards

Thinus Steyn

Testimonial from Mrs J. Scott

“Job well done! Thank you.” – Mrs J. Scott

Anonymous, 23 May 2011 – comment on signed purchase order: “Very efficient and neat and lovely friendly people. Thank you”

Anonymous, 21 May 2011 – comment on signed purchase order: “Effectief & netjies. Dankie.”

Anonymous, 20 May 2011 – comment on signed purchase order: “Very happy with installation!”

Anonymous, 19 May 2011 – comment on signed purchase order: “Wonderful service. Thank you Sakkie for doing this so professionally”

Anonymous, 12 May 2011 – comment on signed purchase order: “Installasie baie goed gedoen! Dankie vir goeie toesighouding”

Anonymous, 21 April 2011 – comment on signed purchase order: “Very fast + neat job, even the clean-up after. Thanks. Very accommodating too.”

Anonymous, 20 April 2011 – comment on signed purchase order: “Installation well done”

Anonymous, 15 April 2011 – comment on signed purchase order: “Very professional installation. Almost no mess and most importantly, the team cleaned up very well afterwards! Thanks Sakkie – will not hesitate to recommend your work!”

Anonymous, 24 February 2011 – comment on signed purchase order: “excellent workmanship. Thank you very much”

(originals on file)

25 March 2011

Wonderful service

Our installation team removed and reinstalled a fireplace for this happy customer:
“Wonderful service Thank you Sakkie for doing this so professionally”

(original on file)

Sent: 06 August 2010 04:33 PM
Subject: Extra-ordinary service – Thank you

Dear Mr. Clarkson

The South African private sector has an unfortunate but well-deserved reputation for poor service. While it is hoped that this pervasive problem will be addressed through the newly introduced Consumer Act it is ironic that it will, by and large, take regulatory intervention to ensure some sort of service delivery.

For this reason it was refreshing, gratifying and downright gob-smacking to obtain the quality of service that I did from Ms Chris Lane from your store. I have spent months trying to get a problem sorted out in respect of a fireplace that I had installed in Pretoria through a completely different service provider. I phoned your store in absolute desperation for advice and stated up front that I was not intending to buy anything. Despite the fact that there was absolutely zero financial gain either personally and/or for your store, Ms Lane provided me with immediate feedback regarding the system that I had bought (clearly demonstrating a superior knowledge of product) and indicated that she would establish what the most effective options were that were open to me to address the problems that I was experiencing. Without fail she phoned me the next day, indicated what the options were AND that she had taken it upon herself to report the issue to the manufacturer on my behalf.

While it is unlikely that I will need to buy anything from you in the near future, I will NEVER go to another store for any appliance that I can obtain from you whether it is two or ten years from now. I have told everyone I know that the personnel at the store are exceptional and that the service delivery I obtained from you surpassed any customer care I have experienced in a long time.

Thank you – it meant an amazing amount to me to have Ms Lane assist me in the way she did.

Best wishes for exceptional prosperity

Kind regards

Geraldine Schoeman

(original on file)

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